Restoring Cast Iron Radiators

It really is the season for restoring cast iron radiators. We’ve had quite a few come through in the past few weeks. People want to get their old heaters cleaned up and installed before it gets too cold. You’ll want to be warm for the holidays!

The change in weather is a remind to finally install that old heater that’s been sitting in your garage! We can sandblast those layers of old paint, dirt, and rust away and powder coat them good as new.

These radiators turned out to have nice brass fixtures under all that paint. We polished them up and left them brass, so they would stand out in contrast to the glossy white powder coat.

We’ve got more radiators to work on in the next few weeks, so keep an eye our social media for more examples of our work and to get ideas for any restoration projects you have.


We’re working on heaters now, but keep in mind we can restore all sorts of metal furniture and objects. Think about any springtime patio furniture you might want restored before the spring comes back around!

Contact us to find out how we can help you wing restoring cast iron radiators before the winter really sets in!

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