Bike Frames

We also powder coat bike frames. With the colder weather keeping you inside, why not personalize your bicycle? We can work with new bike frames or refurbish old ones! The paint on this bike had been banged up, but the frame itself was still good.

We can work with all steel and aluminum frames, forks and accessories! Just bring us the dismantled bike frame, and we’ll do the rest.

We sandblast the frames after stripping away factory finishes or old layers of paint. Before we powder, we mask off all the threads to protect them.

Throughout the process we work with you to pick a powder coat that matches the color you want – metallic, glossy, or matte. You can stop by and look through our samples, whether you have a color in mind or are looking for inspiration. An easy cheat is to take a look at the standard RAL color chart – we can match any of these colors in a glossy finish.

This frame now looks brand new with a fresh coat of silver!

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Restoring Cast Iron Radiators

It really is the season for restoring cast iron radiators. We’ve had quite a few come through in the past few weeks. People want to get their old heaters cleaned up and installed before it gets too cold. You’ll want to be warm for the holidays!

The change in weather is a remind to finally install that old heater that’s been sitting in your garage! We can sandblast those layers of old paint, dirt, and rust away and powder coat them good as new.

These radiators turned out to have nice brass fixtures under all that paint. We polished them up and left them brass, so they would stand out in contrast to the glossy white powder coat.

We’ve got more radiators to work on in the next few weeks, so keep an eye our social media for more examples of our work and to get ideas for any restoration projects you have.


We’re working on heaters now, but keep in mind we can restore all sorts of metal furniture and objects. Think about any springtime patio furniture you might want restored before the spring comes back around!

Contact us to find out how we can help you wing restoring cast iron radiators before the winter really sets in!

Brand Identity and Powder Coating

Powder coating can also help you strengthen your brand identity.

Most people focus on logos, taglines, and uniforms, but you need to think about the tools and equipment you use, too! You can custom color equipment to match your brand identity.

A strong brand is proven to instill trust in your consumers and potential customers.

We powder coated these equipment lockers for an electrical company. Instead of rusting cages, their clients will see the same blue as the company logo. They present a cohesive public image, and their equipment stands out from other contractors.

You can powder coat any metal object, fixture, or furniture to tie together your company’s appearance and increase brand recognition.

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Custom Bumper

For these custom bumpers we changed a small detail, but the effect was very dramatic. We sandblasted off the factory finish from the bolts and detail parts on the custom bumper. Then we found the perfect glossy red to powder coat the accent parts. Now they really pop and break up the solid black of the bumper.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you create a custom bumper!

Refurbish Cast Iron Radiators

Some houses have beautiful old cast iron radiators hidden under years of caked on paint, like these vintage American Radiator Company pieces. This fall we have been refurbishing lots of radiators, as home owners prepare for the colder weather to come.

These came to us so coated with old layers of paint that you couldn’t see the wonderful filigree.

We sandblasted the layers of old paint away to reveal the clean metal underneath. We powder coated them with a simple metallic gray that really emphasizes the design in the metal.

They are now good as new, and ready warm their house for many more years. Make sure to check out our tips for caring and maintaining your powder coating finish.

Contact us to find out how we can help you refurbish your cast iron radiators.

Powder Coat Light Fixtures

We can powder coat light fixtures to match your interior designs.

These LED light channels came to us new from the manufacturer as plain aluminum. We found a powder that closely matched our clients sample, and the result is fantastic.

A small LED strip goes into these lighting fixtures, to make a recessed, soft glow. We can powder coat most store-bought fixtures to make them unique to your project.

Aluminum Lighting Fixtures Before © Gotham Custom Coatings
Aluminum Lighting Fixtures Before © Gotham Custom Coatings

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Powder Coating Fabrications

New fabrications will develop rust if they are not treated promptly and correctly. First, we sandblast the piece to remove mill scale, oil, and rust from the welding process.  We then evenly apply the powder to the metal surface of the fabrication. Finally, the piece goes into the oven for the powder to gel into a smooth, even surface for a long lasting, rust preventing finish.

These metal wave stands posed an interesting challenge because of the complexity of the shape. But no matter what the difficulty, our skilled technicians pay attention to the finer details to ensure a high-quality powder coat.

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Upgrade Older Rims

These rims had been on the road for a while, but look at them now! Good as new with a fresh color. Powder coating can provide a clean, durable, and unique upgrade to any old set of rims.

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Sandblast old paint away

Sandblasting renews and refurbish old metal fixtures caked with layers of old paint. Instead of just painting over the problem, you can sandblast it for a fresh start.

We can clean up old fixtures and powder coat them to look brand new.

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